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Prison Call system

Model : TPCS 400

Large number of Inmates lodged in a number of Indian Jails suffer a very high degree of stress and behavioral problem because of limited amount of infrequent contact with their near done and dear ones.

Turbo Prison Call system developed by Cube Software solves this problem by allowing inmates to make calls without posing a security risk to the Jail management and the government.

Prison Call system allows the inmates of a jail to make calls to any of the pre-registered and verified phone numbers stored in the system in a secure and easy manner. The system ensures that no more than allowed numbers of calls are a made in a defined period. It also records 100% of conversation which can be listened to or analyzed by the officers whenever required. The calls can be monitored by the offices in real time i.e. they can secretly listen to the live conversation from the convenience of their cabins and desktops. They can instruct the system to disconnect the call if they feel that prisoner is not following the guidelines defined by the Jail for such calls.

The system consists of :

  1. Prison Call CTI Server with interfaces for PSTN or mobile network

  2. Voice logger along with Monitoring stations

  3. Finger Print Authentication server

  4. Personalization and Registration Server

  5. Monitoring Stations for Jail Superintendents or Supervisors

  6. One or more number of Prison Call booth. Each booth will be equipped with

  • Biometric finger print scanner

  • Touch screen monitor

  • Headset/Telephone handset to make calls

CTI server can be connected to PSTN using normal Analog Telephone Lines or using Digital ISDN lines. It is also possible to connect to mobile network by using GSM/CDMA FCT Terminals.

The number of CTI ports/Lines required depends on the number of Calling stations required by the Jail.

How the system works:

  • As and when a new prisoner is logged into the jail, his finger prints are scanned and stored in the system using the Personalization and Registration Server

  • The prisoner is also asked to provide two mobile / land line phone numbers on which he would like to make calls.

  • The phone numbers are verified by the police and then registered into the system along with the name and the finger prints of the prisoner.

  • Next time whenever the prisoner has to make a call, he approaches one of the phone booth. He identifies himself by putting his finger on the biometric scanner

  • The system sends the finger print details to the Finger Print Authorization Server. The Server tries to match the scanned finger print with the stored finger prints. In case of a match it displays the name of the prisoner along with the two phone numbers on which prisoner is allowed to make a call on the attached touch screen monitor.

  • Prisoner has to touch one of the numbers to proceed with a call. It has provision to redial /disconnect the number

  • The phone inside the booth does not have any keypad or telephone instrument to restrict the prisoner to make calls to only the registered numbers and prevent use of system in any manner.

  • The system records 100% of conversation and stores it along with date and time and name of the prisoner for the purpose of later retrieval if required.

  • The system also monitors the total duration of the call and warns the prisoner to disconnect the call when the time limit is about to be exhausted. If the prisoner does not disconnect the call, it disconnects the call automatically.

  • Jail authority have the provision to define number of calls, number of minutes and period after which calls can be made for each and every prisoner

  • Voice logging will be done using a high impedance network and will have no impact on ongoing conversation.


Prison Call Server

  • Pentium core 2 duo with E6700 processor at 2.6 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 300 GB HDD, DVD writer

  • Windows XP

  • CTI card to interface with Analog or Digital trunks. FCT terminals will be required if direct interface with mobile network is desired.

Biometric finger scanner


USB 1.1, 2.0




40mm (L) x 27mm (W) x 73mm (H)


Device self-calibrates


500 dpi

Operating System

Windows XP, 2000, Me, Server 2003


2 years mechanical defect


100g (without cable)

Operating Temperature

0°C ~ +40°C


MIC, CE, FCC, WHQL, RoHs compliance


SDK for Fnger print scanning and recognition

Technical Specifications for Analog Trunk Interface Card

PCIe Bus Interface

PCIe Bus Speed

2.5 GHz, single lane link

Memory Address Allocation

Automatically assigned by Plug and Play cycle

Interrupts Allocation

Automatically assigned by Plug and Play cycle

Physical Properties

Slot Requirements

PCIe 9.5” slot

Dimensions (Metric)

241 mm L x 98 mm H x 18.5 mm D

Dimensions (Imperial)

9.5” L x 3.875” H x 0.74” D

Power Requirements

Power consumption from 3.3V rail

2 W max

Power consumption from LS lines

North America 1.4 W
European Union 2.0 W

Environment Requirements

Operating Temperature

0 °C to +60 °C

Storage Temperature

-20 °C to +85 °C

Humidity, non-condensing

5% to 95%

Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)

31 years

Telephony Interfaces

Loop Start Analog Interfaces


AC Impedance (in audio band)


600 ohms

On-Hook Metallic (Tip to Ring)

>300 k ohms

Return Loss

>26.8 dB

DC Current

Loop Current Range

13 – 110 mA

DC Resistance

Longitudinal (tip to ground, ring to ground)

>9.8 M ohms

On-Hook Metallic (Tip to Ring)

>6.5 M ohms

Off-Hook Metallic (Tip to Ring)

310 ohms @ 20 mA
117 ohms @ 100 mA


Ring Detection

14 Vrms @16 Hz
14 Vrms @20 Hz
12 Vrms @68 Hz

Ringer Impedance (20 Hz)

> 26 M ohm

Ringer Equivalence Number (REN)


Gain Tolerance (Linearity)

On-Hook In (2 to 4 wire) NA

0.0 to 0.8 dB (300-3400 Hz)

Off-Hook In (2 to 4 wire) NA

-1.5 to -0.4 dB (300-3400 Hz)

Off-Hook Out (4 to 2 wire)

-4.8 to -0.7 dB(300-3400 Hz)

Gain Range

Fixed – On-Hook H/W Gain In (2 to 4 wire)

-1.6 dB

Fixed – Off-Hook H/W Gain In (2 to 4 wire)

-0.75 dB

Fixed – Off-Hook H/W Gain Out (4 to 2 wire)

+0.24 dB

On-Hook Signal overload level @0 dB gain In (2 to 4 wire)

+4.77 dBm

Off-Hook Signal overload level @0 dB gain In (2 to 4 wire)

+3.92 dBm


Trans-hybrid loss (THL)

>27 dB (300-3400)

On-Hook Common Mode Gain

-52.9 dBm0 avg.

Signal to Noise Ratio (15 dBm, 1 KHz reference)

> 38 dB

On-Hook Inter Hybrid (Interface) Crosstalk

No measurable crosstalk

Off-Hook Inter Hybrid (Interface) Crosstalk

No measurable crosstalk

Idle Channel Noise

6 dBrnc

Transverse Balance

> 57 dB


Ring Detection, Loop Disconnect, Reversal Detection, Loop Voltage, Loop Current


Off Hook,Flash, DTMF, Pulse Dial

Onhook Audio Detect

Caller ID, DTMF, Audio Logging

Technical Specifications for ISDN PRI Card



Network Connection

Rear panel RJ48 connectors (DSX-1 or DS-1 interface)

Number of T1/E1 Spans

1 to 4 spans


ISDN, Clear Channel


Software Selectable ( CSU/DSU )


T1: 100 ohm
E1: 120 ohm

Switch Types

4ESS, DMS 100, 5ESS, NI-2, NET5


North America, European Union


T1: ESF, SF/D4
E1: CRC4, Basic




3 available per span

Host Interface

Bus Interface: PCI

PCI 32 bit target/initiator V2.2 compliant
Based on PCIe revision 1.0a specifications

PCI 32 bit target/initiator V2.2 compliant
Based on PCIe revision 1.0a specifications

33 MHz or 66 MHz bus speed
2.5 GHz, single lane link

Memory Address Allocation

Automatically assigned by Plug and Play cycle

Interrupts Allocation

Automatically assigned by Plug and Play cycle

Physical Properties

Slot Requirements PCI

Standard x86 PCI Half-size Slot (Compatible with PCI-X slot)
Standard PCIe Slot

Dimensions: PCI (Metric)
PCI (Imperial)
PCIe (Metric)
PCIe (Imperial)

241 mm L x 98 mm H x 18.5 mm D
5.3” L x 3.9” H x 0.6” D
151.8 mm L x 106.7 mm H x 15.2 mm D
5.975” L x 4.2” H x 0.6” D


Power Requirements PCI

Power consumption from 3.3V rail 1.32 W max
Power consumption from 3.3V rail 1 W max

Environment Requirements

Operating Temperature 0 °C to +60 °C

Storage Temperature

-20 °C to +85 °C

Humidity, Non-condensing

5% to 95%

Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) PCI

104 years
101 years

Technical Specifications of GSM/CDM FCT wireless Terminal

    • Tri band GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz

    • Input Voltage : 100 – 300V AC , 50/60 HZ.

    • Battery Charger : CVCC – 13.8V @ 0.6 AMP

    • Battery ( optional ) : 12V 4AH

    • TALK TIME : 7-8 hours

    • Stand By Time : 24 hours

    • Antenna : 5 dbi antenna with 3 mtr cable

    • Operating temp : 0 to 45 C

    • Humidity 5% to 95%