Call Center Solution/ Quick Dialer

Quick Call Dialer Solution

Increasing the productivity of call center agents has always been a goal. But in today’s market place there is a new directive: Make the highest rate of successful contacts, comply with inbound/outbound regulations while maintaining the most efficient budget possible. With CUBE Quick Call Dialer you can achieve all of these results.

CUBE develops contact center solutions that deliver the benefits of customer relationship and customer service technology to the fastest growing segment of the multi-billion dollar contact center market. Small and medium enterprises, departments/branches of large enterprises and outsourcers need contact center technology to provide high-quality support and interactive services for their customers.

CUBE Contact Center offers a comprehensive suite of applications including Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Predictive Dialer, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Computer Telephony (CTI), Skills-based Routing, Recording, Monitoring, Billing and Centralized Management and Administration.

Solution Type

  • Server Based Solution – HMP based Solution with combination of E1 and SIP or Only SIP based dialer.
  • EPABX Based Solution – The QuickCall Dialer can be integrated with any EPABX available in the market on E1/SIP Links. Integration with EPABX TAPI or CSTA shall add to the performance of the system. (In Premise)
  • On Premise, Hosted or Cloud based

Key Differentiators

• Increase the productivity of call center agents
• Immediate, measurable improvements to contact rates as only successfully connected calls are routed to agents.
• Maintain high call volumes
• Improve the customer experience
• Adhere to changing regulations
• Retain a motivated, productive workforce
• Realize a greater return on investment.
• Reduces workforce turnover or headcount
• ACD with skills based routing
• Blended Outbound and Inbound calls
• CRM with screen pops
• Voice recording & Conferencing
• Predictive Dialer with multiple campaigns
• Real-time reporting and billing

Brief Feature List of Quick Call Dialer

Agent features

True predictive dialing: Offers all the features expected in a predictive dialer including call blending for seamless inbound and outbound operations with instantaneous transfer to agents

Call details screen pop: Agents receive real-time screen pops outlining details of the customer they’re about to engage for both inbound/outbound calls.

Comprehensive CRM: Customer Relationship Management includes customer look-ups and total customer record details. Agent also can call customers from CRM interface.
Agent “Tree” scripting: Agents can view HTML-based scripts customized for each calling campaign with built-in rebuttal/rephrase options.
Transfer/warm transfer: Agents can transfer calls to other agents, any third party telephone or to a group of agents. This can be used for hot, warm, and cold transfers.

Call conferencing: Agents can conference unlimited parties and either participate in the call or transfer the call and return to the agent queue.

Call recording: Conversation of Agent Talk can be heard using Cube Voice Player

Call back scheduling: Agents can schedule callbacks via a pop-up calendar that reminds them of calls they have scheduled with notes about the call linked to the CRM information.

Place call on hold: Agents can place a call on hold through their interface.

Wrap up call: Agents can sever voice ties with customers and still enter data about the call.

Session history archive: Agents can view the results of every call they have received.

Summary screen: Agents can view the summary call information including callbacks, messages, recordings and session history.

Supervisor Features

Agent monitoring: Monitor all agent activity from Supervisor desk using Quick Call Manager Application.

Real-time remote agent voice monitoring: Monitor any agent conversation from any supervisor desk using Live Bargin facility.

Agent statistics: Supervisors can monitor contact center statistics including agent state. They also can modify statistics based on customer needs.

Real-time campaign statistics: View all campaign details in real time.

Outbound campaign Manager: View and manage every outbound call.

Reporting: Supervisors can use templates to build their own reports for any event within the application. They can customize up to forty-five standard reports via a report wizard.

Inbound ACD: Includes skills-based routing, unlimited call queuing, custom on-hold music and voice mail.

Predictive dialer: One of the most advanced dialing algorithms available. It allows administrators control of line-to-agent ratios and dropped-call percentages in real time, fully compliant with new dialing laws.

Skill groups: Create multiple skill groups and assign agents to multiple groups.

True blended agents: Agents can be configured to participate in both inbound and outbound campaigns in a totally blended environment.

Real-time campaign manipulation: Change properties of a campaign during operation.
CRM table configuration: Change fields in the list table or CRM table anytime via an administrative user interface.

Unique call dispositions: Offer custom “call results” or dispositions to agents specific to each calling campaign.

Unlimited campaign creation: Create and run unlimited amounts of both inbound and outbound calling campaigns.

Multiple campaigns per agent: Agents can receive calls from unlimited calling campaigns.
Advanced campaign filters: Create and applies “filters” to any calling campaign that allows administrators to customize calling regions or cap disposition counts

Easy list management: Upload your dialing lists (multiple formats supported) to CUBE servers through easy-to-use wizards.

Reporting: Using templates, build your own reports on any event within the application. Forty-five standard reports can be customized via a report wizard
Worksheet capability: Create real-time series of questions that automatically pop up so that agents can ask the customer the appropriate question.

Permission-based user creation: Administrators can allow or restrict agents from making
transfers, callback recordings, messages and chat.

Instant chat: Allows chat features among agents and administrators.

Multiple user roles: Create different capability levels for administrators, supervisors and agents.

APIs and connectors: API’s allow the integr

ation of 3rd party applications such as existing customer databases into the CUBE user interface. Connectors allow critical data sharing between two applications or embedded 3 rd party applications.

Real-time disposition creation: Administrators can create their own dispositions and assign different dispositions to different campaigns.

Notification of dispositions: You can designate any disposition and the system will automatically notify you via email or instant message when an agent has labeled a call with the designated disposition that you have selected.

Move callbacks: When an agent creates numerous callbacks and then becomes indisposed, you can move the callbacks easily to another agent instead of losing them.

Instant messaging: Allow instant messaging features between agents and administrators.
Broadcast messaging: Send broadcast messages to any agent skill group.