Students Calling

Detail working of Student Calling System


  1. Facility for Students to Call there parents fix numbers on regular basis.

  2. Total XXX minutes or number of times in a month student is allowed to call there parents. As per school requirement.

  3. As soon as XXX minutes or number of times are over student will not be able to call there parents on that month until supervisor is increasing limits.

  4. They are suppose to call from there designated (house) extension number only.

  5. When ever Student is calling to there Parents All Authentication has to be verifying which is mandatory for student to use the Facility.

Connectivity Diagram for the Solution:-

student calling block diag


Student has to call from there House Extension to 800 to avail the Facility

  1. Welcome to Student Calling system.

  2. Please Dial your Student ID XXX.

Note: – After Input of the Student ID System will verify the Validity of Extension and Available Calling time For Him / Her.

  1. If verification is True and calling minutes are available then System will proceed to the next step else Message Will be Played Like e. g Please Make a Call From your House Extension only Or your Limit for calling has been Crossed. You are not allowed for calling in this Month.

  2. Dial 1 for Father

  3. Dial 2 For Mother

  4. Dial 3 For Land-line Office

  5. Dial 4 For Land line Home

Note: – Based on Selection Call will be Launched by the System and System will start monitoring the time of Call Duration. If Time is getting finished while Student is in Conversation and not finishing there Calls then System Will Disconnect the Call on Time Completion and Message will be announced for calling time is finished. And Entry will be updated in to the data base.


  1. IVRS Reports details will be provided. Like Which Extn/Student used Daily/Weekly/Monthly

  2. Student Id will be updated in Call billing Software so that it can be patched and report can be taken based on that.